Saturday 16 April 2016

IN PRINT - 101

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He's right of course, the strip immediatly before this one started with 96 (TV Movie year) and finished on our 100th strip. That was a while back now, there have been plenty of real life delays and the likes at my end. My favourite delay is because I had to rewrite this first arc entirely after my friend David (don't call him Dave) from The Glasgow Doctor Who Society pointed that having a room 101 and a character essentially played by John Hurt was too good to pass up, If you don't get the connection then I suggest you go and watch 1984. Actually, no, I insist.

Of course David meant it as a one off strip, but the whole thing grew arms and legs and marched off in a whole new direction. Hardly the first time that's happened with an idea on here.

Anyway. Of course if you're doing a strip referencing 1984 then you really need to have 5 and 6 present. You just do.

Hard to believe we're into April and this is the first main strip of the year. Still it's just in time to help mark our 5th anniversary. I can't quite get my head around that idea, it just doesn't feel like it at all. 

Right before I sign off for this week I'd like to point you all in the direction of my friend Kenny. Some of you may have seen Kenny before as he's appeared in Doctor Who: Besieged (actually I think it might have been a follow up to that, I'll need to check), a fan film of a superior quality directed by and starring Ryan Hendrick as the Doctor. Recently Kenny and Ryan have collaborated on 'Perfect Strangers' which has been doing rather well for itself and are currently working on it's follow up that boasts none other than Sylvester McCoy in it's cast. 

But it's Kenny's current project that I feel deserves highlighted just now. Kenny does a one man show called Hero Worship that he's currently trying to take to the Edinburgh Fringe later on this year. The show tackles two subjects that are incredibly dear to my heart; mental health and superheroes. However going to the Fringe isn't cheap and Kenny is looking to raise money to help get him there. You can donate here if you're so inclined, every penny helps.

Right, that's me done. I'll see you all next week for a surprise guest star that my son pointed out should have appeared in the strip ages ago. See you then. 

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