Saturday 23 January 2016

Who's Cat 17 - Mike Key

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Hey, Mike here,
I had to buy a new tumble dryer recently and discovered you could download an app for your phone / tablet that could control and the dryer and check on the status of your washing remotely! Is there now an app for everything? Perhaps the Chameleon Circuit fix would have been easier for the Sixth Doctor had he known...?
Happy times and places, Mike

I would love a tumble dryer like Mike's, but given that I managed to bruise some ribs just putting some rubbish out.. Clearly I can't be trusted with technology.

As you've all probably heard by now 2016 has just become a Who free zone. I'm not overly thrilled by this prospect and I don't think I'm being unreasonable in wanting more than two full series in a row before a break is enforced. Perhaps a new showrunner will help change that. Time will tell I guess. Delays aside I'm going to miss Moffat as show runner and I hope he doesn't abstain from writing duties as RTD did when he stepped down. I've been a fan of the Moff since 'Joking Apart' and 'Coupling' remains one of my favourite programs ever. I still harbour dreams of Jack Davenport being the next Doctor.

The next set of scripts haven't been sent yet, mostly because I've had issues typing whilst reading my notes due to my ribs. That and I've changed some aspects of the main strips due to suggestions and ideas from David from the GDWS and Jim. I'll get there. Soon. I promise.

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