Saturday 12 December 2015

Who's Cat 14 - Mike Key

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And so begins our Christmas run. 2ndFade is up next week with an exceptionally timed strip, Jim has something festive in the works and I've got something that Nesshead can hopefully turn into a strip in time. I've just sent him the script right there. I hope next year to give the art team more time to work with.

But then I say that every year...

In case anyone doesn't click right away, part of the joke here is the connection between the Shalka Doctor and the snowman controlling Great Intelligence. The lack of words probably clued you into the fact that this is another original from Mike. There's only been a handful of times I've asked him to tweak something he's put together, he really does have a wonderful sense of visual humour and his timing is pretty spot on as well.

Right, that's me for this week. Sorry we're a bit late, we'll be on time next week. 

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