Saturday 11 July 2015

Stand by Strip 1 - Mike Key

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And it's a big welcome back to Mike Key of Mike's Star Art. Jim's currently knee deep in boxes as he moves house, Nesshead seems to have turned up at SDCC and 2ndFade is waiting for me to actually put some words to paper, so in the meantime Mike has kindly agreed to step in and do a few strips. If the line up of Doctors looks familiar to any of you it's because Mike has been playing around with Big Hero 6 characters and Hiro in particular, hence today's title.

The big news this week is obviously the trailer from San Diego. The Doctor playing guitar may have seemed a little familiar to anyone who saw Jesse's guest strip a few weeks ago. The strip itself is here and hopefully Jesse'll forgive the hatchet job I've done to show you the two relevant panels.

Overall the trailer looks fantastic and seems to have gathered universal praise from the Whovian community, apart from my friend Graeme, but that's not unusual. September cannot come quick enough.

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