Saturday 7 February 2015


He just can't catch a break, can he.

Having said that I do kind of get why Big Finish are doing these two releases, it's pretty hard to beat as a team. That and to be honest I'm pretty excited that Big Finish are 'reprinting' the 91-05 books like this. It's a dream come true to be able to hear Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy acting out their roles in these books.

'Lungbarrow' soon please? Or Paul McGann and John Simm performing 'The Infinity Doctors'.


Dear Big Finish, could we please have 'Cold Fusion' done with the cast from 'Damaged Goods' and Peter Davison and Co? Adapted by Lance Parkin from his own book of course.

I might have asked for Colin Baker doing 'Spiral Scratch' a few days ago, but quite frankly with this announcement they've essentially created their own version of the 6th Doctor's regeneration. Between those two and 'Time's Champrion' and 'Time and the Rani' we don't have a shortage of 6th Doctor regenerations these days.

Although I do have to admit to being pretty excited to have one that involves Colin Baker himself. Of course the fact that the Valeyard is involved makes this a must listen to me.

The fact that I'm currently reading 'Time's Champion' and listened to 'Trial of the Valeyard' recently only add to the excitement.

Exciting times.

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