Saturday 15 November 2014


Sometimes it just all comes together. This arc was always going to centre around wigs, but after last week's revelation regarding the Brig we just had to include his 70s facial hair in our wig guide. Not just that it seemed only natural that Cyber Brig would have need of his old 'tache as there are some things that even Mondasian technology can't handle.
In all seriousness I can't get over the fact that they used the Brig like that. It just feels wrong doesn't it? As always here in the Print 'Verse we deal with horror and disbelief with humour. Which is why Jim's drawn Cyber Brig on my request, although I suspect he already had plans afoot to given how quickly he brought it all together.

My plan had initially been to save Cyber Brig for an 'In Print Extra', but Jim was especially keen on sharing this and he's right; it needs to be shared.

We went for humour, but 2ndFade went for something a bit more haunting. Have a read...

As for today's strip, well it's a riffing on 'The Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy', something of a distant spiritual relation to Classic Who. Well not that distant, Douglas Adam did write both of them at various points. If you've only ever seen the Martin Freeman movie then please go and seek out the BBC series or the books.

You're welcome.

Oh and Nesshead wants to say thanks to everyone who's helped out with his laptop fund. He's not there yet so there's still time to click the below button.

We nearly had to set one up for Jim this week as his PC had a bit of a hissy fit, thankfully he managed to fix it himself.