Saturday 4 October 2014

IN PRINT - Listen...

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I really enjoyed 'Listen'. That scene towards the end bothered me a little at first until three things occurred to me.

1. We're all presuming that Clara's presumption about who's in the bed is correct even though we established earlier in the episode that the telepathic guidance is less than reliable and that could merely have been someone the Doctor was thinking about.

2. Even if the TARDIS did follow the Doctor's timeline why presume it's the boy? It could just as easily be the man.

3. It's hardly the first time that 'Lungbarrow' has been contradicted. In fact it was first put into canonical doubt when the 8th Doctor discussed his father in the TVM and his further adventures only hammered that point home.

I love 'Lungbarrow'. I love the ideas presented there about the Doctor's history, but I'm not so blinkered that I have to view everything that followed it through it's lens. Besides this is a show about time travel and contradictions; in that regards 'Lungbarrow' fits perfectly.

I'm seriously looking forward to tonight's show. I'm hoping for a nice companion piece to 'Planet of the Spiders' just as 'Robot of Sherwood' works with 'Battlefield'.

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