Saturday 2 August 2014

Another holding pattern

I've been dropping the ball a bit recently. There's been some pretty heavy duty stuff going on in my private life that has dominated everything and as such I've let the writing buffer slide. Jim was meant to be doing a filler strip this week, but I just couldn't get the script Emailed to him, then I decided that I could put the strip together myself as it was a filler based on old panels. A few hours spent trying to cut and paste has reinforced just why I'm the writer of this strip and should leave the art to people who are actually artists.

Luckily for you guys (and for me, let's be honest) I remembered that Jesse had drawn another filler strip and left it in my drop box. That was 20 minutes ago. Somewhat fittingly I had nothing to do with this strip at all. It's all Jesse's work.

I've been trying to adjust the strip so that it fits on the page, but once again my artistic sensibilities hampered me somewhat, I'm sure Jim'll get that fixed in due course.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to Email Jim and the other guys who have stepped in to fill the gap left by Nesshead's malfunctioning laptop about their strips. Talking of Nesshead's laptop; if you want to help him repair it you can always hit the 'Donate' button at the side and comment that it's for Nesshead's laptop fund.

Let's do this.

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