Saturday 23 November 2013


So that's what happens, you get five versions of the same Time Lord regenerating at once.

Right, be honest; who was expecting that?

Jim really knocked that one out of the park didn't he? So, yeah, everything just changed in the In Print Verse. We've lost two of our cast and those that are still around have post regenerational trauma and a new wardrobe to deal with. At least they will have once they deal with the Grandfather.

Presuming they do deal with the Grandfather that is...

Right, I'm booked to see 'The Day of the Doctor' at 9.30pm UK time, presuming my wee girl is doing ok. Jim's going at the same time, but to a different showing (a shame really). Anyone trying to discuss the Special with us before we've finished seeing it will be ignored. Sorry guys, I've gone this long without spoilers...

See you on the other side!

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