Thursday 21 November 2013


What can I say; TNG was big back in the 90s and up until last week that was the best place to find 8.
It's not Captain Picard of course, it is in fact Grandfather Paradox. If I haven't mentioned before he's a slightly future and pretty evil version of 8. We've tweaked him a bit for the purpose of the strip. We've crossed the facial features of 8 and 9, mainly because the description of him in the books is a little like 9. The clothes are also a mix of the two Doctors and as luck would have it is a pretty close echo to the War Doctor. Our re-design pre-dated the reveal of the War Doctor costume by the way...

Anyway, I need to skip ahead 24 hours. As you may have noticed this strip has appeared on Thursday, this is because we're going daily from here through to the day after the 50th Special. So we'll see you back here tomorrow with the next part of Paradox Now.
Well I'll see you in a few moments, but you get my drift...

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