Saturday 28 September 2013


And so the Grand Tour begins. You can tell because of the limited edition banner we're using. You'll also notice Nesshead has finally stopped referring to himself as a guest artist. That's been needing done for a while.

The next set of Infinites strips will give you guys our particular take on what really happened when the Great Intelligence entered the Doctor's Time Stream, because I'm not utterly convinced that all he did was stand around and glare with his arms folded. There was a chance to do real damage and what better way to disrupt the entire Time Stream than by ensuring that the very first regeneration never happened? It's not as if the 1st Doctor could have put up much of a fight at this particular point. This is, in my opinion, the most fragile point in the whole of Whovian history.

We'll be following the Great Intelligence on his Grand Tour right up until and through the 50th Anniversery and beyond. Seems a proper way to celebrate. How does this all tie into the ongoing Infinites story? You'll just have to trust me that it does and wait and see.

So, where next?

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