Saturday 24 November 2012


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Something that some of you may have seen before today. This is the guest strip that Jim and myself did for the Daily Dalek earlier this year. We've been meaning to show it here for a while, but we've always had another strip that needed posting to keep up with the plot schedule.

But not this week; so here it is. If you've not been reading the Daily Dalek then it's a brand new strip for you, but you've been missing out on a cracking  strip.

The Wrong Doctor, a collaboration between myself and Tone from the Daily Dalek, is coming along nicely. We can't wait to show it off for you guys.

In other news pages for our Christmas Special continues to make it's way into my Inbox. you guys are really in for a treat this year. I have just have one more page, maybe two, to write and it's done from my end.

Another thing you should know about and be waiting to read in eager anticipation is Fan Fiction Illustrated.

They're desperately low on support though. Go and like their Facebook page and think about ordering a copy of the magazine itself.

Tell them I sent you

I spent most of this week on a Physics course for my day job, so I'm going to leave the laptop alone now and concentrate on something that involve physics in any way, shape or form. Whilst I'm doing that you guys should remember we're on Twitter and Facebook.

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