Saturday 20 October 2012


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At last we finally know what was behind that door in the God Complex. Or least we know what I think was behind the door. Of course it was the Doctor, or least a dark distillation of him.

This is the third time the Valeyard has turned up in this strip. The first time it was in a guest strip by Paul Salvi, the second was more recently in The Infinity Doctors. You'll notice that he's acquired a Special Weapons Dalek since the last time we were in here, there's a story there and you'll find it here.

We're almost ready to announce the winner of the "Next Infinity Doctors" artist, however not all the entries are in just yet and we won't make a final judgement until everyone has had their chance. Soon though, very soon.

So, that'll be another artist on board. Did you know that none of the team that bring you In Print have actually met each other? I'm in Scotland, Jim and 2nd Fade live in England and Jesse hails from one of our former colonies. We'd all really like to meet up for a drink sometime and plan out In Print in person and over a pint. But since In Print doesn't bring us any income and we all have families it doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon. Of course if any of you want to contribute to the In Print Pub Fund then feel free to click on the donate button below. Or not. It's entirely up to you.

Of course if you want to just contribute towards Jim, 2nd Fade or Jesse getting a digital drawing pad or a Tablet for myself so that I can write strips on the move; then the same button applies, just let us know what you're contributing towards. Or just keep reading and don't worry about it, because quite frankly we'll keep making the comic anyway. We're enjoying ourselves far too much.

Other ways to support us is to use our shop whenever you make an Amazon purchase or by clicking the advert on the right hand side of the page or expressing interest in a printed book.

Right, plugging over.

In actual strip related business I'm sure a few of you are wondering why the Master keeps regenerating and why he isn't regenerating in order. There's a very good reason for that, there's also a very good reason why we haven't seen the Derek Jacobi Master. All these things shall be revealed in time.

Believe it or not there is a plan.

I'm still not quite ready to discuss The Angels take Manhattan, but in the mean time you can always check out Joel Watson's take on it over at Hijinks Ensue. He makes a very valid point, only Martha got a traditional Companions exit.

Anyway, we'll see you all next week for Jesse's final Infinity Doctors. In the mean time we're still on Twitter and Facebook, feel free to follow and like us there.

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