Saturday 18 August 2012


Well that worked out nicely timing wise.

Most of the strips you read on here were written months ago and when I wrote this one there wasn't even the slightest hint that Richard E Grant was about to be cast in New Who.

Those of you wondering why Rowan Atkinson regenerated into another version of Richard E Grant haven't watched Curse of Fatal Death yet, have you? You really should, it makes these strips a lot funnier.

Ok, it makes them make a bit more sense.

Paul Hanley has released another installment of The Doctor and I. You should have a read as we seem to share some guest stars, although I think Paul may a good bit more ambitious then us in regards alternative Doctors.

Jim didn't meet Katy Manning last week. Mostly because it's today she's signing at Forbidden Planet. So those of you autograph hunting today should keep their eyes open as they might be able to get a signature off of Jim as well.

As usual you can keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook. See you all next week.

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