Seven has never really gotten over being in charge when everything got cancelled. He views the exploits of his current regeneration with disdain and a slight hint of jealousy. He is something of a dominating force within the post temporal psycho construct that makes up our heroes home. He refuses to discuss Series 24.

Eight is significantly less bitter about the new guy than Seven despite having only one actual adventure in the Matrix interface. Of course having a number of his literary exploits reprinted has softened the blow of being replaced as well as the constant supply of voice over work.

The In Print legacy started from the moment One saw Two in 'Tomb of the Cybermen' and passed judgement. A tradition that has been happily carried on by all of his following regenerations.

Four hasn't said much since crossing over into the Matrix. No one's sure why and given that he's been known to carry round the severed head of K9 no one is in a hurry to ask him.

Shhhh. He's hiding.

Six and Seven maintain a not entirely friendly rivalry stemming from Seven's treatment of Six during the course of the New Adventures, in particular 'The Room with no doors'. Six may or may not have a dark secret lurking....

Nine doesn't socialise overly much within the Matrix and has been decidedly twitchy ever since Eight nearly triggered the Blinovitch effect while clothes shopping.

We're really not sure quite how everyone's Whifferdill of choice bluffed his way into the Doc's Matrix, but he's not for shifting anytime soon.

Mrs T
None of the Matrix's occupants sure quite when it generated it's own house keeper, but none of them are complaining. When all you have for company is multiple versions of yourself and a penguin it's nice to have a fresh face.

Yes he's here as well. He seems to be using the Matrix as a base of operations whilst working for Kasterborous. Time will tell why he seems to be wearing a blonde curly wig.

The Master
It would seem that the Master has his own post temporal psycho construct for his previous regenerations and he's currently using them to spy on his old enemy. We're not sure quite what he's up to, but no doubt it'll be of a sinister nature.

The Shalka Doctor
Strictly speaking he shouldn't be in this particular Matrix, let alone this cast page. Yet here he is. 
But will he be staying....?