Saturday 27 October 2018

Who's Cat 56 - Mike Key

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Mike: WOW! Well that was such an awesome episode last week, my daughter, youngest son and I all sit down together to watch it whilst eating our dinner on Monday evenings. Here in New Zealand the episode is available to watch OnDemand about an hour after the UK broadcast, that's about 9am Monday morning here so we're all at school and work. We are all LOVING the new series and thought that last week's episode was the best so far. We're looking forward to the weeks to come..!

Al: I love the idea that the Doctor hasn't seen the gender switch as a big deal. 

You might have noticed that this strip isn't about Rosa. We discussed it and we decided it wasn't a subject we wanted to treat humourously. Back to episodes next week I reckon. We've covered Spiders on Who's Cat before after all...