Saturday 17 December 2016

Who's Cat 49 - Mike Key

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Mike: It's all go at Christmas in the TARDIS as ever... There's a lot of running... Strax has stolen the turkey... And remembering the First Doctor breaking the fourth wall 51 years ago this Christmas.

Alasdair: Next year. Next year you'll hear more from me. I'm missing the strip like you wouldn't believe, but differing sets of circumstances have kept me from it this past year. Jim and Ness and be very patient as I work through certain things and Mike has kept weekly updates going whilst I've been absent. 

Thanks guys. You've no idea how much I appreciate it.

Apologies for being so vague about the reasons for my absence, but I'm not one for seeking sympathy. Those of you that need to know already do for the most part.

In other news I'm looking forward to SecondFade and Mike discussing Sontarans. I think that might be Sid rather than Strax. Or maybe Strax strayed into the Doctor's corpse on Trenzalore. 

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