Friday 11 November 2016

Who's Cat 44 - Mike Key

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Mike: Following on from this week's events, a quote from Torchwood...

Alasdair: We don't often do serious strips, but we've made today an exception. Yes there's a punchline and a hint of humour in there, but the point is entirely serious.

To be clear from the start; I'm not American. I have American friends and the Best Man from my wedding is currently a (legal) immigrant in the country having met his American wife whilst she was studying here in Scotland. But some events take such a prominent position on the world stage and have such far reaching consequences for everyone that it's hard not to take an interest or have an opinion. I don't care where you are in the world, this man as President is going to impact on your life and as such you are entitled to an opinion.

I'm also not overly political. My ex-wife's 'Complete West Wing' is pretty much the most attention I've paid to politics outside of the UK and Scottish referendums and that's just wrong. As a father I should have been paying more attention to the world that was awaiting my children. But this, this, has my attention. I've wanted my Best Man home for a long time, but not through him being forcibly removed from a country he's chosen to make his home. 

I'm also not an immigrant, but I have four or five loitering in my family tree and as such the hostility that is currently being aimed at American ones is making me seriously uncomfortable.

Having said all that I nearly didn't run this strip. In Print is very much a team effort and I was conscious that some of our team might not have been comfortable running a strip like this. 

I should really have known them better. 

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