Saturday 13 August 2016

Who's Cat 31 - Mike Key

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Mike: Regular followers of the blog will remember the Who's Cat-verse booth and it's usual occupant (Who's Cat #3Who's Cat #7Who's Cat #9). I love this one, a 3 way crossover - Peanuts, Garfield and Doctor Who!

Alasdair: Plus it's nice to see 8 in the week where we discovered that the TVM is getting a Blu Ray release. Granted it's an upscaling rather than a proper transfer, but still I'm rather excited. Just a shame it's released after my birthday, because quite frankly £20 is a bit much to pay for something I've owned twice previously.

And I've never quite recovered from owning four copies of 'Batman and Robin'. I still say there's a market for a Batman boxset with just the first three films. 

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