Saturday 25 June 2016


This might be a problem. They should probably have taught him other words before dropping him in the office. "That would be an ecumenical issue" possibly.

So, we have a slight Email issue. As some of you might have noticed recently the contact Email has changed. This is because I can't get into the old one just now. I've forgotten the password and the reset Email goes to an old work Email for somewhere I don't work anymore. I can access it in brief bursts on one of my old phones where I installed the app, but I have to externally charge the battery for several hours for about 5 min of phone time. So every 6 minutes I'm torn between checking Emails and occasionally replying or searching for a way to reset the password. So in the meantime it's my direct Email. Anyone with any ideas on how to get proper access back should get in touch with me.

Of course my proper Email isn't fantastic just now either. I can access it fine on my PC, but my phone is playing up badly and is still a year away from upgrade. It rarely lets me know when I have new Email. Could be a long year,,,

In other news it's the 50th Infinites next week. Nesshead has been going full tilt at a special one off and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he's working on. 2ndFade has also been in touch with a few ideas for his next strip and we're just working out what to do with these ideas. It'll be good to see more Prop Cupboard.

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