Saturday 26 September 2015

Who's Cat 10 - Mike Key

More from Mike. Stupidly short update today as it's my wee boy's birthday. You'll get my thoughts on 'The Magician's Apprentice' next week along with 'The Witches Familiar'. In the mean time I've just added Mike onto the list of editors for this page, so hopefully he'll have a few words for you. 

Give a big hand for Mike...

Errrr, hello!

Well, there’s a reason why I draw and not write… LOL

Anyway, I very much enjoyed bringing this week’s Who’s Cat to life from Alasdair’s script.
It sees the relationship between 10 and his wife to be/daughter oh Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey blossom…

I hope you’re enjoying reading the strips as much as I am drawing them, stick with our little (W)homages there are some corkers to come!

I’m actually writing this to you from the future as here in NZ I’ve had my Saturday and am just going to bed but I can tell you it was a good one, you’ll enjoy it!
Happy times and places, Mike ;-)